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Nextteq VeriFit  Irritant Smoke Generators for Respirator Fit Testing- Available in 6 pack or 10 pack

Includes 6 or 10 irritant smoke generators, manual & storage box.
Complete, safe, ready-to-use, OSHA-compliant fit testing kit.

The VeriFit® Irritant Smoke Generator revolutionizes respirator fit testing. Its patented design integrates all traditional irritant smoke test components into one convenient device. Plastic construction eliminates danger from broken glass. Small, attached bellows provide the optimum amount of smoke yet minimize overexposure.

Irritant smoke is the only OSHA-accepted qualitative fit testing method that does not rely on the test subject’s subjective response. Other types of qualitative fit tests, such as banana oil (Isoamyl acetate), saccharin, or Bitrex, may cause false negative results

Unlike other test methods, there is no need for nebulizers, pumps, mixing jars, batteries, test masks, probes, or hoods. There are no parts to calibrate, warm up, sterilize, or clean.

** should not be used for fit testing N95 masks **