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On-the-spot detection of airborne contaminants for hazardous and emergency response teams and military assessment. Lightweight, rugged and ready to use anywhere. No calibration, no electrical requirements.

How it Works:

Use the decision chart in the kit and the pre-calibrated, direct-read detector tubes to obtain quantitative results. The tubes have distinct lines of demarcation for easier viewing and require no interpretation, dual scales or color charts.

Deluxe Hazmat Kit - Gastec Model GV-100 Pump Kit (GV-100-S-TR), Gastec Detector Tube Handbook, Pelican Case, 5 meter Extension Hose with Rubber Shroud Tube Holder, 2 Lightsticks, Decision Chart I, Irritant Smoke Tube Kit (9500), 5 Tube Connectors.

The kit also includes one box (10 tubes per box) of each Gastec detector tube: Ammonia tubes (3L), Benzene tubes (121S), Carbon Monoxide tubes (1LA), Chlorine tubes (8LA), Ethyl Acetate (141L), Hydrogen Cyanide tubes (12L), Hydrogen Sulfide (4LL), Hydrocarbons (low class) tubes (103), Hydrocarbons (high class) tubes (105), Petroleum Naphtha tubes (106), Polytec I tubes (Qualitative Test) (107), Stoddard Solvent tubes (128), Sulfur Dioxide Tubes (5LB).