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PAC 6500 Single Gas Monitor - Oxygen, O2

Single Gas measuring and warning for O2. The Pac 6500 has a full datalogger, exposure alarms (STEL/TWA) and extra powerful battery for 1 year of operation | 24/7

Oxygen measuring range: 0 to 25%
Alarms: Alarm 1 at 19.5% and Alarm 2 at 23.5% Volume. Two additional alarm thresholds in addition to the standard alarm threshold setting provides for an additional level of safety as a pre-alarm, in addition to the main alarm, can be set for both oxygen enriched environments as well as oxygen deficient atmospheres.
Warranty: 2 years

pac-6500-pi-9105295-en-us-us (pdf)
Technical Specifications,  2.4 MB