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Illegal manufacture of methamphetamine (meth labs) is rapidly becoming a serious problem. The Simultest Set with pre-selected detector tubes will quickly and efficiently confirm the presence of chemicals commonly used in three popular methods of methamphetamine production, thus allowing first responders and law enforcement personnel the ability to make fast and accurate decisions on the need for respiratory protection.

The Draeger-Tube system consists of the hand-held Accuro® sample pump that draws air through the glass detector tubes. If the chemical agent is present, the Draeger-Tube changes color. Higher concentrations of gas produce a longer length of color change. A graduated scale printed on the tube indicates gas concentrations.

The one-handed operation of the Accuro® pump allows the other hand to be free for maneuvering into position or handling a weapon. The Draeger Simultest Set for detection of phosphine, phosgene, ammonia, hydrochloric acid and iodine. Draeger-Tubes® are available for measuring many other gases which may be present in clandestine labs. Requires NO power or calibration.

Kit Includes:

Accuro Pump
Simultest Extension Hose, accuro Simultest Set Opener
Laminated Instruction Card
(5) Clan Lab Simultest Sets and Carrying Case