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Draeger Aerotest Simultan HP + P Navy makes it is possible to determine the quality of the breathing air which is supplied by a compressor or a compressed gas cylinder (up to a maximum pressure of 300 bar). By means of the test system, the reliable testing of the breathing air is ensured according to the applicable classification EN 12 021.
Simultaneously measures 4 gases in military/diving applications <4500 psi

The Draeger Aerotest Navy determines the quantity of various potential pollutants. It is possible to reliably determine carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydro steam, oil as well as other contamination as of the compressed air individually or simultaneously. Specifically adjusted to the different application of the Navy, this test system also measures the oxygen amount of up to 5 % vol.

Includes: Pressure Reducer, Instruction Booklet, Deluxe Tube Opener, GCA 347 Adapters, Sampling Manifold for 4 Draeger-Tubes, Timer, Accuro®Pump & Spare Parts, 4 boxes Draeger-Tubes (Oil, CO, CO2, H2O vapor), Deluxe Carrying Case