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The Draeger Aerotest Kit is designed for the qualitative determination of water vapor, oil, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide in breathing air from compressors or pressurized gas cylinders. Test on site! Aerotest low pressure testing meets ANSI standards. Complete with a preset manifold that eliminates need for a flowmeter

Includes: Pressure reducer, measuring device for 4 tubes, impactor adapter, coupling, barbed nipple, stopwatch, tube opener. 4 boxes of Draeger-Tubes; (one box of each Water Vapor #6728531, Oil Impactor #6728371, Carbon Dioxide #6728521, Carbon Monoxide # 6728511 - 10 tubes/box)

draeger-msds (pdf)
MSDS,  178 KB
aerotest-alpha-pi-9107406-en-us (pdf)
Technical Specifications,  91.9 KB