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PORTACAL® Carbon Dioxide calibration gas. Carbon dioxide is one of the most common compounds in the world. CO2 is an invisible gas with no odor. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) can be found in many applications such as the food and beverage industry, medical, oil industry and chemical industry.

Use PORTACAL® Carbon Dioxide calibration gas to be sure your gas detection instrumentation is functioning properly.

Gas Type: Non-Reactive Gas Only

Cylinder Size Material
Pressure Contents Water Capacity Dimensions Weight Valve Inlet
17 Liter Steel 240 PSI .6 CU FT 1.0 Liters 10.75" x 2.9" 1 lb CGA 600 74 Series
34 Liter Steel 500 PSI 1.2 CU FT .9 Liters 10.75" x 2.9" 1 lb 8 oz CGA 600 74 Series
105 Liter Aluminum Alloy 1200 PSI 3.708 CU FT 1.29 Liters 12.8" x 3.2" 1 lb 6 oz 5/8"-18 UNF (C-10) 71 Series