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What is Calibration Gas?

Learn more about Calibration Gas and what it is used for.

Calibration Gas is a certified gas mixture, also referred to as span gas. The gas (known concentration) is used to ensure gas detectors or meters are working properly.

Gas detectors or meters are used to check gas levels in areas that are considered hazardous. The detectors or meters require calibration on a routine basis. By introducing a known concentration of gas to the detector or meter's sensor, the unit is then verified to be functioning properly.

What is a Bump Test or Bump IT?

A Bump Test is a cost efficient solution to verify calibration by exposing the Instrument to a known concentration of test gas. If the Instrument's response is within an acceptable tolerance range of the actual concentration, then it's calibration is verified. If the Bump Test results are not within the acceptable range, a full calibration must be performed on the Instrument.