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What are Calibration Gases Used For?

Calibration Gas is a reference gas or gas mixture used as a standard when calibrating gas analysis instruments such as a gas detector. A gas detector is used to determine if there are certain gases in the air. The calibration gas, a known specific concentration of the test gas, can then be used to as a reference to determine if the gas amounts in the surrounding area are less or more than this standard.

These gases – available as single calibration gases or multi calibration gas mixtures - help to protect those in the workplace from possible toxic gas exposure. Toxic gas is often odorless and difficult to detect without the use of a gas detector. A gas detector can determine if there is the presence of a potentially toxic gas and the calibration gas is used to determine if there is a harmful amount of the gas. Therefore, it’s important that gas detector instruments are correctly calibrated for accuracy in determining if there is a toxic gas in the air.