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Staying Safe in Hazardous Environments with Portable Gas Detectors

Identifying Toxic Gases with Portable Detection Instruments

Calibration gases help protect workplaces from exposure to toxic gases. These harmful vapors are often odorless and nearly impossible to detect without the use of quality gas detectors. Without calibration gas instruments, workers could enter and remain in a hazardous area for far too long and risk short- and long-term health effects.

Portable Gas Detectors

Portable gas monitors are great for utility workers, maintenance employees, first responders, and anyone who may/might come in contact with highly toxic gases. These personal instruments are battery-operated, easily carried, and are designed to keep workers safe in the field or any hazardous location.

Portable gas detectors work by alarming – with sounds, vibrations, and flashing – a user whenever toxic gases are present. The worker with the instrument equipped to their bag, collar, or belt will then hear, feel, and see the warning. These devices are ideal for all kinds of hazardous environments, including noisy construction areas and locations with little-to-no visibility.

Gas detectors and portable instruments are imperative for alerting the user to toxic gasses and hazardous environments.

Additionally, we offer semi-portable instruments, like the Draeger X-am 8000, for gas detection within confined spaces. This product is designed specifically to meet the requirements of clearance measurements in confined space entry and leak search. The X-am 8000 includes a powerful internal pump that connects to a hose up to 45 meters away. These multi-gas monitors are used to simultaneously detect and measure up to seven flammable and toxic gasses, vapors, and oxygen.

At Instrument Depot, we have dozens of Draeger portable gas detectors, confined space gas monitors, carrying cases, calibration kits, sensors, and bump gas test cylinders. Bump gas, Bump Test is a cost-effective solution to verify calibration gas by exposing the instrument to a known concentration of test gas. If the response is within an acceptable tolerance range of the concentration, its calibration is verified. However, if the Bump Test results are not within the acceptable range, a full calibration must then be performed.  

Instrument Depot is the leading distributor of precision calibration gas mixtures, bump gas tests, and calibration gas accessories. Contact us about single or multi calibration gas mixes, Draeger tubes, or other calibration gas detection accessories.