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Calibration Gas | Draeger Tubes | Gastec Tubes | Kitagawa Tubes

Instrument Depot specializes in environmental monitoring. A trusted calibration gas supplier, providing premium, precision trademarked PORTACAL® brand calibration gas, manufactured by Gasco. ALL manufacturers equivalent calibration gas mixes. Distributor for Gastec, Nextteq, Dräger and Kitagawa, supplying detector tubes and pumps. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are your #1 Source for Calibration Gas & Detector Tubes.


Low cost, NIST gas standards, recyclable precision calibration gases, industrial gases, compressed gases & test gas cylinders as well as custom calibration gas kits, calibration cylinder gas regulators and calibration gas accessories.

Draeger detector tubes, Dräger hand sampling pumps, Drager single / multi gas detectors, Drager PAC, Drager X-am, Drager air current kits, Drager aerotest kits, Drager CDS simultest kits, Drager clandestine lab kits, Drager CMS analyzers, Drager CMS chips, Drager diffusion tubes, Drager hazmat kits.

Gastec detector tubes, Gastec hand sampling pumps, Gastec compressed gas kits (airtec), Gastec polytec tubes, Gastec solution tubes, Gastec dosi tubes, Gastec irritant / non-irritant smoke tubes/kits, Nextteq Verifit.

Kitagawa detector tubes, Kitagawa hand sampling pumps and Kitagawa solution tubes.

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Updated 10/19/16

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