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X-am 2500 Multi Gas, Confined Space Kit for Ex, O2, CO and H2S

3 year warranty on the housing, electronics and catalytic sensor, 5 year warranty on the CO, H2S and O2 sensors and 2 year warranty on the rechargeable battery.

Includes: X-am Multi Gas Confined Space Kit, Ex, O2, CO and H2S Sensors, Alkaline Battery Pack, NiMh Battery and Charger Kit. Xam 125 with Mark II Pump with USB cable and charger; case, X-am charger with wall plug; alkaline battery adapter; DIRA Dongle + cradle; ES150 probe with 5m viton hose with adaptors; Float probe with 3m PVC hose; Test gas regulator and rubber hose; Filter Set; Strap; 4 gas mixture cylinder of gas; 50% LEL CH4, 100ppm CO, 25ppm H2S, 17% Oxygen (#57-621N-58L - #4594655)

*** Call for configuration options for NO2 and SO2 sensors ***