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Immediate and accurate detection of toxic agents is critical in responding to an attack where chemical weapons may have been used. The Draeger Civil Defense Simultest Kit features CDS Sets I and V, which are simultaneous test sets for detection of various nerve, blood, lung, noise and throat irritating agents. Draeger's CDS Kit can detect up to eight different chemical agent groups in less than five minutes.

Simultest sets are a primary advance in Draeger detector tube technology that allow for fast, accurate identification of chemical substances. The Simultest sets use specially calibrated 5-tube package manifolded together so all tubes are sampled at the same time.

Extensive government sanctioned testing has proven the validity of this technology. Other analytical devices tested such as flame-ionization detectors (FID) and photo-ionization detectors (PID) were found to have significant calibration and sensitivity issues from environmental factors, such as vehicle exhaust fumes. Draeger tubes performed well in all tests. Exhibiting consistent results and no interference on performance.

The Civil Defense Simultest Kit is available with simultest tube sets (CDS tube sets) for chemical weapons or as an all-in-one Civil Defense/Hazmat Test Kit with the substitution of simultest sets for organic and inorganic vapors.

Includes: (5) CDS Set I for S-Mustard, Phosgene, Hydrogen Cyanide, Lewisite and N-Mustard, (5) CDS Set V for Nerve, Phosgene, Cyanogen Chloride, Chlorine and S-Mustard, (2) Accuro® Pumps, (2) Simultest Extension Hoses accuro®, (2) Simultest Set Openers,Spare Parts Kit Accuro®), Laminated Instructions, and Carrying Case

civil-defense-simultest-kit-pi-en-us-us (pdf)
Technical Specifications,  1 MB