Gastec Polytec Tubes (Nextteq)
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Gastec Polytec Tubes

Gastec Polytec Tubes expedite analysis by simultaneously measuring a variety of gases during a single test session. Each highly sensitive, semi-quantitative tube can detect from 9 to 15 chemicals, providing cost-effective monitoring and chemical identification.

    Model   Product Name+   Buy Now   Price 
 Gastec Polytec I Tubes<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 107 Detector Tubes</font>   107   Gastec Polytec I Tubes
 Gastec 107 Detector Tubes

 Gastec Polytec II Tubes<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 25 Detector Tubes</font>   25   Gastec Polytec II Tubes
 Gastec 25 Detector Tubes

 Gastec Polytec III Tubes<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 26 Detector Tubes</font>   26   Gastec Polytec III Tubes
 Gastec 26 Detector Tubes

 Gastec Polytec IV Tubes<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 27 Detector Tubes</font>   27   Gastec Polytec IV Tubes
 Gastec 27 Detector Tubes

 Gastec Polytec V Tubes<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 28 Detector Tubes</font>   28   Gastec Polytec V Tubes
 Gastec 28 Detector Tubes

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