Gastec Clandestine Lab Kit (Nextteq)
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Gastec Clandestine Lab Kit

Gastec Clandestine Lab Kit, featuring Gastec Gas Sampling Pump and Detector Tubes, contains everything you need to analyze gases typically present during the production of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs. The pre-calibrated detector tubes provide accurate results. The Clandestine Lab Kit is intrinsically safe, portable, and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

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 Clandestine Lab Kit for Gas Testing<br />Meth Labs<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec Clandestine Lab Kit</font>   90045   Clandestine Lab Kit for Gas Testing
Meth Labs
 Gastec Clandestine Lab Kit

 Gastec Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 0.5-78 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 3L Gas Detector Tubes</font><br/>10 tubes, 10 tests per box   3L   Gastec Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 0.5-78 ppm
 Gastec 3L Gas Detector Tubes
10 tubes, 10 tests per box

 Gastec Hydrogen Chloride Tubes (SEI)<br /> Range: 0.2-76 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 14L Detector Tubes</font><br />10 tubes, 10 tests per box   14L   Gastec Hydrogen Chloride Tubes (SEI)
 Range: 0.2-76 ppm
 Gastec 14L Detector Tubes
10 tubes, 10 tests per box

 Gastec Phosgene Tubes<br /> Range: 0.05-20 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 16 Detector Tubes</font>   16   Gastec Phosgene Tubes
 Range: 0.05-20 ppm
 Gastec 16 Detector Tubes

 Gastec Phosphine Tubes<br /> Range: 0.15-5 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Gastec 7L Detector Tubes</font>   7L   Gastec Phosphine Tubes
 Range: 0.15-5 ppm
 Gastec 7L Detector Tubes

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