Gastec Chromium (VI) Ion Solution Tube | Instrument Depot
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Chromium (VI) Ion Solution Tubes | 273


Chromium (VI) Ion Solution Tubes
Detection Range 0.5 - 50mg/l
10 tubes, 10 tests per box

Dissolved substances in a solution can be measured by immersing the Gastec Dissolved Substance/Solution Detector Tube (with both ends broken) into a solution. When the detector tube is immersed vertically, with the arrow pointing upward, the solution will rise up through the tube. An indication is then noted on the tube

Gastec 273 Chlromium (VI) Ion Solution Tubes. Measuring Range 25-1000mg/l | Instrument Depot 800-731-7071 *BUY NOW*

For more information, please view Product DataSheet.