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Draeger Smoke Tubes | Air Flow Tubes

Draeger Smoke Tubes / air flow testers are used for gas leak detection and wind direction. Smoking sulfuric acid is located in the tubes. When the top of the tube is opened, a small aspirator bulb is used to pump air through the tube. This creates visible white smoke, which is carried on any existing air flows.

In certain industries it is very important to detect even the smallest air flows, in order to quickly and reliably evaluate the possible diffusion of dangerous substances. With the air flow test tubes, the source, direction and speed of the air flow are visible immediately.

    Model   Product Name+   Buy Now   Price 
 Draeger Air Current Smoke Tubes<br> 10 tubes 10 tests per box   CH25301   Draeger Air Current Smoke Tubes
10 tubes 10 tests per box

 Draeger Airflow deluxe smoke tubes kit<br /> Includes Smoke Tubes   CH00216   Draeger Airflow deluxe smoke tubes kit
 Includes Smoke Tubes

 Draeger airflow, smoke tubes<br /> Rubber Caps (pkg. of 10)   CH16631   Draeger airflow, smoke tubes
 Rubber Caps (pkg. of 10)

 Draeger Aspirator Bulb<br /> for airflow tubes, smoke tubes   4054382   Draeger Aspirator Bulb
 for airflow tubes, smoke tubes

 Draeger flow check airflow indicator kit<br /> battery operated   6400761   Draeger flow check airflow indicator kit
 battery operated

 Draeger flow check airflow REFILL (pkg 3)<br /> Ampoules, also includes 1 nozzle   6400812   Draeger flow check airflow REFILL (pkg 3)
 Ampoules, also includes 1 nozzle

 Draeger flow check battery charger, 110 VAC<br /> for flow check airflow indicator   8316993   Draeger flow check battery charger, 110 VAC
 for flow check airflow indicator

 Draeger flow check battery pack<br /> Replacement   6400817   Draeger flow check battery pack

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