Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit 
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Draeger Hazmat Simultest Kit | 4056098


The HazMat Simultest Kit is based on Hazmat Simultest Sets I, II and III. these specially developed and calibrated 5-tube sets are used to detect gases and vapors commonly encountered during a chemical spill or leak. Sets I and II can also detect gases and vapors generated by a structural fire. Each semi-quantitative test takes about one minute to conclude.

Hazmat Simultest Set I for detection of inorganic gases, acid gases (hydrochloric acid), basic gas (ammonia), carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic acid and nitrous gas (nitrogen dioxide).

Hazmat Simultest Set II for detection of inorganic gases carbon dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, phosgene and sulfur dioxide.

Hazmat Simultest Set III for detection of organic vapors alcohols (methanol), aliphatic hydrocarbons (n-hexane), aromatic hydrocarbons (toluene), chlorinated hydrocarbons (perchloroethylene) and ketones (acetone).

Includes: AccuroŽ Pump, Spare Parts Kit (accuroŽ), Air Current Kit,
Simultest Extension Hose accuroŽ, Simultest Set Opener,
Tube Opener, Laminated Instruction Cards, (3) HazMat Simultest Set I,
(3) HazMat Simultest Set II, (4) HazMat Simultest Set III and Carrying Case

Draeger Hazmat Simultest Accessories & Replacement Sets

Draeger HazMat Simultest Kit for municipal fire service and emergency responders P/N 4056098 | *BUY NOW* Instrument Depot 800-731-7071