Kitagawa gas detector tubes: A
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Kitagawa detector tubes offer on the spot measurements for Acetaldehyde, Acetone, Acetylene, Acrolein, Acrylonitrile, Ammonia, Aniline & Arsine. For use with the Kitagawa AP-20 hand sampling pump.

    Model   Product Name+   Buy Now   Price 
 Acetaldehyde Tubes<br /> Range: 0.004-1.0%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 133A Gas Detector Tubes</font><br/>10 tubes, 10 tests per box   133A   Acetaldehyde Tubes
 Range: 0.004-1.0%
 Kitagawa 133A Gas Detector Tubes
10 tubes, 10 tests per box

 AcetaldehydeTubes<br /> Range: 5-140 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 133SB Detector Tubes</font><br/>10 tubes, 10 tests per box   133SB   AcetaldehydeTubes
 Range: 5-140 ppm
 Kitagawa 133SB Detector Tubes
10 tubes, 10 tests per box

 Acetone Tubes<br /> Range: 0.01-4.0%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 102SC Detector Tubes</font>   102SC   Acetone Tubes
 Range: 0.01-4.0%
 Kitagawa 102SC Detector Tubes

 Acetone Tubes<br /> Range: 0.1-5.0%; Tetrahydrofuran<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 102SA Detector Tubes</font>   102SA   Acetone Tubes
 Range: 0.1-5.0%; Tetrahydrofuran
 Kitagawa 102SA Detector Tubes

 Acetone Tubes<br /> Range: 20-5000 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 102SD Detector Tubes</font>   102SD   Acetone Tubes
 Range: 20-5000 ppm
 Kitagawa 102SD Detector Tubes

 Acetylene Tubes<br /> Range: 50-1000 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 101S Gas Detector Tubes</font>   101S   Acetylene Tubes
 Range: 50-1000 ppm
 Kitagawa 101S Gas Detector Tubes

 Acrolein Tubes<br /> Range: 0.005-1.8%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 136 Gas Detector Tubes</font>   136   Acrolein Tubes
 Range: 0.005-1.8%
 Kitagawa 136 Gas Detector Tubes

 Acrylonitrile Tubes<br /> Range: 0.1-3.5%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 128SA Detector Tubes</font>   128SA   Acrylonitrile Tubes
 Range: 0.1-3.5%
 Kitagawa 128SA Detector Tubes

 Acrylonitrile Tubes<br /> Range: 0.2-20 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 128SD Detector Tubes</font>   128SD   Acrylonitrile Tubes
 Range: 0.2-20 ppm
 Kitagawa 128SD Detector Tubes

 Acrylonitrile Tubes<br /> Range: 1-120 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 128SC Detector Tubes</font>   128SC   Acrylonitrile Tubes
 Range: 1-120 ppm
 Kitagawa 128SC Detector Tubes

 Acrylonitrile Tubes<br /> Range: 10-500 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 128SB Detector Tubes</font>   128SB   Acrylonitrile Tubes
 Range: 10-500 ppm
 Kitagawa 128SB Detector Tubes

 Air Flow Indicator Tubes (Smoke tube)<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 301 Gas Detector Tubes</font>   301   Air Flow Indicator Tubes (Smoke tube)
 Kitagawa 301 Gas Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 0.1-1.0%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SM Detector Tubes</font>   105SM   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 0.1-1.0%
 Kitagawa 105SM Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 0.2-20ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SD Detector Tubes</font>   105SD   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 0.2-20ppm
 Kitagawa 105SD Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 0.5-10%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SA Detector Tubes</font>   105SA   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 0.5-10%
 Kitagawa 105SA Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 0.5-30%<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SH Detector Tubes</font>   105SH   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 0.5-30%
 Kitagawa 105SH Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 1-200 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SE Detector Tubes</font>   105SE   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 1-200 ppm
 Kitagawa 105SE Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 5-260 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SC Detector Tubes</font>   105SC   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 5-260 ppm
 Kitagawa 105SC Detector Tubes

 Ammonia Tubes<br /> Range: 50-900 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 105SB Detector Tubes</font>   105SB   Ammonia Tubes
 Range: 50-900 ppm
 Kitagawa 105SB Detector Tubes

 Aniline Tubes<br /> Range: 1-30 ppm<br /> <font color="6699FF">Kitagawa 181S Gas Detector Tubes</font>   181S   Aniline Tubes
 Range: 1-30 ppm
 Kitagawa 181S Gas Detector Tubes

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