Drager Equivalent Calibration Gases
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Drager Equivalent Calibration Gases

We are a trusted calibration gas supplier, supplying our premium, precision trademarked PORTACAL® brand calibration gas, manufactured by Gasco. We supply Drager equivalent calibration gas mixes.

Drager 4502152<br />25ppm CO/Air
Drager 4502152
25ppm CO/Air
Drager 4502153<br />50ppm CO/N2
Drager 4502153
50ppm CO/N2
Drager 4502154<br />250ppm CO/N2
Drager 4502154
250ppm CO/N2
Drager 4502155<br />25ppm H2S/N2
Drager 4502155
25ppm H2S/N2
Drager 4502168<br />1000ppm CO/N2
Drager 4502168
1000ppm CO/N2
Drager 4510058<br />20.9% O2 (Zero Air)
Drager 4510058
20.9% O2 (Zero Air)
Drager 4520128<br />100ppm CO
Drager 4520128
100ppm CO
Drager 4552020<br />25ppm Nitric Oxide
Drager 4552020
25ppm Nitric Oxide
Drager 4594603<br />5ppm HCL/N2
Drager 4594603
5ppm HCL/N2
Drager 4594628<br />500ppm H2/Air
Drager 4594628
500ppm H2/Air
Drager 4594642<br />100ppm Isobutylene
Drager 4594642
100ppm Isobutylene
Drager 4594649<br />25ppm Ethylene/Air
Drager 4594649
25ppm Ethylene/Air
Drager 4594655<br />Multi Mix
Drager 4594655
Multi Mix
Drager 4594658<br />10ppm HCL/N2
Drager 4594658
10ppm HCL/N2
Drager 4594660<br />10ppm Ethylene Oxide
Drager 4594660
10ppm Ethylene Oxide
Drager 4594838<br />99.9% N2
Drager 4594838
99.9% N2
Drager 4594843<br />2.5% CH4
Drager 4594843
2.5% CH4
Drager 4594943<br />Multi Gas Mix
Drager 4594943
Multi Gas Mix
Drager 4594945<br >50% LEL CH4, 100ppm CO
Drager 4594945
50% LEL CH4, 100ppm CO
Drager 4594957<br />50ppm NH3/N2
Drager 4594957
50ppm NH3/N2
Drager 4594959<br />25ppm NO2/N2
Drager 4594959
25ppm NO2/N2
Drager 4594960<br />10ppm H2S
Drager 4594960
10ppm H2S
Drager 4594961<br />5ppm SO2/N2
Drager 4594961
5ppm SO2/N2
Drager 4594962<br />10ppm HCN/N2
Drager 4594962
10ppm HCN/N2
Drager 4594963<br />2ppm CL2
Drager 4594963
2ppm CL2
Drager 4594964<br />5ppm CL2
Drager 4594964
5ppm CL2
Drager 4594977<br />10ppm NO2/N2
Drager 4594977
10ppm NO2/N2
Drager 4594978<br />50ppm Nitric Oxide
Drager 4594978
50ppm Nitric Oxide
Drager 4594982<br />99.9% N2
Drager 4594982
99.9% N2
Drager 4594987<br />5ppm PH3
Drager 4594987
5ppm PH3
Drager 4595193<br />2.5% Vol CO2
Drager 4595193
2.5% Vol CO2
Drager 4595194<br />1000ppm CO2
Drager 4595194
1000ppm CO2
Drager 4597050<br />10ppm SO2/N2
Drager 4597050
10ppm SO2/N2

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